biscotti and cookies by Crunchy Foods

Nutritional Facts

  Almond Anise Chocolate Chip Vanilla  
  Chocolate Dipped Almond Anise Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip

Vanilla, dipped in Chocolate

  Lemon Almond Chocolatini Triple Chocolate
  Cranberry Almond Choco-Puffs  

We are proud to make our delicious, twice baked cookies with premium quality ingredients.

Real butter. California Almonds. Nielsen Massey Vanilla. Guittard Chocolate.

No trans fats. No artificial preservatives.

Allergy note: Our products are processed on equipment that handles tree nuts, milk (butter), wheat & eggs. We are a peanut free facility!

Biscotti shelf life - non chocolate dipped - 12 months.

Chocolate dipped - 6 months (recommended).

Our biscotti are Kosher Certified - Dairy by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco.


Serving Size for nutrition information = 1 large biscotti or approximately 3 mini biscotti


We purchase Guittard Chocolate for use in our biscotti. Guittard Chocolate Company does not purchase any milk or other dairy-derived ingredients from any Chinese or South-East Asia sources. Please see the attached letter.

We purchase Foster Farms -Dairy products (butter). Foster Dairy Farms milk and dairy products do not contain melamine. Please see the attached letter.