biscotti and cookies by Crunchy Foods


What our customers say about us...

We receive calls and emails daily from customers who enjoy our biscotti! People actually do take the time to give us praise. Whether received as a gift, or specifically sought out on store shelves, we are converting people to the taste & texture our biscotti one bite at a time.

We love hearing from our many fans. Here's a sample of what they are saying:


I just want to say -- your Almond Anise was the best biscotti I've ever had.

Palm Springs, CA
I bought the Chocolate Chip Biscotti at a specialty store in Maryland -- I just wanted to leave a comment...these are really incredibly amazing. I'm looking forward to having them tomorrow and the next day with my morning cup of coffee.
Maryland resident
I just tried your Lemon Almond biscotti, which is off the chart, and I'd like to buy some for my customers as gifts -- where can I find them?
New York, NY
These biscotti are exquisite, far better than any I’ve tasted since we lived in Italy 42 years ago.  Accolades!!!!!!!!
Downingtown, PA

I am a huge fan of your Biscotti.  I can’t live without it, well, I prefer not to....I’m sitting here stuffing my face right now.  I buy the chocolate chip and Lemon Almond and just love it.  I find it also settles my stomach.  I grew up with biscotti and know how to make it but I prefer yours because of the perfect crunch factor.

I got the last two boxes of your biscotti in the city...Please help me find more.  I never feel guilty eating it.  I just love it.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Portland, OR
Someone was kind enough to give me a box of your Almond Anise biscotti, and these are amazing...where can I buy them?
Las Vegas, NV
I look forward to road races in San Francisco so I can have your biscotti afterwards. I always go back for seconds (and thirds) at your booth -- your biscotti are awesome!
a satisfied Sacramento runner after a Rhody Co event
Our whole family loves the Chocolatini! My children love them. My mother loves them. We can't keep them in the house - they disappear as soon as the package is opened.
Los Angeles, CA
Our office loved your biscotti. Your products look great, and taste even better - we know they will be a big hit in our area.
note from a specialty food distributor in Washington
My daughter brings the Chocolatini to school -- I just want you to know that they have a very high trade value at lunchtime, especially with teen-age girls.
Lafayette, CA

Loved the biscotti. Just wished there were more in the package. They didn't last long in my house.

...fresh and delicious

The biscotti are delicious but I prefer regular (anise) over lemon. Delivery time is excellent - never a problem.

Great and yummy product and quick delivery!!

Mom loved it!!

Excellent product, fast courteous service! Will be ordering more! customer feedback

I just want you to know, I've tried them all...I have to commend you.
Chicago, IL

I just love these...and I don't even like biscotti, or at least I didn't think I liked biscotti until I tried these.

I just love the bite size little ones.

Berkeley, CA- Whole Foods Demo