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I bought the Chocolate Chip Biscotti at a specialty store in Maryland -- I just wanted to leave a comment...these are really incredibly amazing. I'm looking forward to having them tomorrow and the next day with my morning cup of coffee.

Palm Springs, CA

These biscotti are exquisite, far better than any I’ve tasted since we lived in Italy 42 years ago.  Accolades!!!!!!!!

New York, NY

I look forward to road races in San Francisco so I can have your biscotti afterwards. I always go back for seconds (and thirds) at your booth -- your biscotti are awesome!

Las Vegas, NV

Our office loved your biscotti. Your products look great, and taste even better - we know they will be a big hit in our area.

Los Angeles, CA

My daughter brings the Chocolatini to school -- I just want you to know that they have a very high trade value at lunchtime, especially with teen-age girls.

Specialty Food Distributor From Washington

I just want you to know, I've tried them all...I have to commend you.

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