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We want to insure that you receive a safe and delicious product from Crunchy Foods - Biscotti di Suzy, and so we do not subcontract out our manufacturing. All of our biscotti are produced at our facility in Oakland, CA, and all of our ingredients are purchased from US companies -- these companies harvest, process and ship their ingredients, and verify the integrity of those ingredients to us through letters of quality assurance and certificates of analysis. Quality control is stressed throughout our facility, and all of our employees embrace their role in producing the best possible cookies for you. We have an active HACCP program in place.

We use only premium ingredients to ensure maximum taste & texture for our distinctive, crunchy cookies. Our biscotti are kosher certified - dairy through the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco. We have a "clean" ingredient statement, and can be found at some of your favorite natural food stores - including Wild Oats Markets and select Whole Foods.

You may have tasted other biscotti before … but if you are looking for one with a great taste and texture, all natural, not too toasty or crumbly or hard, with just the right “crunch”… well, you’ve found it.

Biscotti di Suzy™ - perfect for dipping in wine, serving with coffee, crumbling on top of ice cream or enjoying all by itself.